HimSim Theatre Group, Delhi, India
HimSim Theatre Group

HimSim Academy of Performing Art conducts theatre workshop for those who have keen interest in the theatre and would like to face the audience through a play which would satisfy their hunger for live performance. The course aims to train you to face the public live from the stage. By taking up the workshop you will get to know the basic details of performing the act live. It also enhances your personality and gives you a chance to develop your confidence which would not only help you to face the populace but also boosts you from inside to have confidence.

India's Talent Hub - Fresh Facec in Gallery
India's Talent Hub - Fresh Faces in Gallery

India’s Talent Hub - Fresh Faces in Gallery by HimSim Production gives glorifying opportunity for amateur professional and upcoming models to follow their dreams of starting a modeling career. If you think that you can be a model, or if you are already a professional model and you want to launch your modeling career than you can participate in portfolio exhibition and get a opportunity to show your ability of your skills. So grab the opportunity to book your seat.

HimSIm Production
HimSim Production

HimSim Production is a boon for the students of HimSim Academy of. Performing Arts and the upcoming artists. HimSim has a clear vision for its art work and comprises a team of ardent and extremely spirited film and video makers. For HimSim Production it’s not only a matter of film making but a passion to unveil the moral of the story, so pays special attention on every single aspect of ideas with perfect castings. This production house since its inception has focused on creating simple, artistic and elegant masterpiece.